The Firewood Desktop Fireplace Lets You Camp In Your Own

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: japantrendshop
Before the Firewood Desktop Fireplace, there was only the video of the burning log on public television to quench the thirst that people have for fake fire. This little lighting accessory is designed to look like a camp fire, but it really just makes some crackling noises and has a red LED light.

The Firewood Desktop Fireplace has three different modes: music mode allows you to connect your music player to the lamp to play some tunes out of its speaker system, outdoor mode produces light and crackling fire noises and lighting mode is for the indoors, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light emitted.

If all you have ever wanted is to have yourself a personal indoor fireplace that produces no heat and won’t burn your house down, you have found your match.