Patina Japan Recycles Old Hoses into Shoulder Bags

When a fire hose is past its prime, what should be done with it? Patina Japan, a company formed specifically to recycle used hoses, has the answer: arm candy. More specifically, turn old fire hoses into shoulder bags -- heavy-duty bags that can withstand harsh conditions from rain to fire.

Unwanted hoses, from those used for fire training to hoses no one ever bothered to use, are turned into carry-all bags by expert craftsmen who manually cut, sew, and piece each bag one by one. Each bag is unique, and some are considered valuable due to their long lifespans, aging texture, and unique scars from noble battles and fires.

Not only does Patina Japan turn fire hoses into shoulder bags, the company also uses discarded seat belts as shoulder straps and donates a portion of the bags’ proceeds towards environment conservation efforts.