The Work of Fiodor Sumkin is as Current and Eccentric as the Artist

 - Oct 29, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
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Following the phrase "hello, my name is Fiodor," one can enter the eccentrically imaginative world of Fiodor Sumkin and his online portfolio. Fiodor Sumkin boasts an unconventional approach to every piece he creates, and his series of pop culture prints is no exception.

Though the work of Fiodor Sumkin is made to look like sketches, Fiodor exercises digital skill in order to finish these fabulous prints.

Implications - With so many abstract designs in the modern-day sphere, audiences are looking for products that they actually understand. Consumers desire pieces they can relate to and feel are approachable. Developing items that create a connection with its audience could help a company increase their revenue.