Finger Play Provides You with the Delicate Tools for Dealing with Chocolates

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: cargocollective
The shared approach to a beautiful high-quality box of chocolates should not be with bare hands, so designer Qiyun Deng came up with a more civilized option. The Finger Play set is a sophisticated pair of eating utensils that allows you to easily pinch and pick up an individual truffle; no more brushing up against others or having yours melt between your fingertips.

In a classic golden metal, the refined implements have their own particular specialties. One acts as tongs and provides rounded plates for digits to squeeze; the other is a delicate slicer that enables you to cleanly cut chocolates for small tastings and sharing. A lover of these fine desserts would certainly be enticed by the Finger Play set, which was designed especially for the scrumptious sweets of Maison Cailler.