The Fin Teacups Bond Mug and Mat Together to Encourage an Old Ritual

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: hsinny & design-milk
Many people have decided that they no longer require saucers along with their drinking vessels, opting instead for stable mugs, and sometimes risking a stain on the tabletop. These lovely Fin Teacups try to bring back the old custom of coupling your cup with a little plate, in this case designed to function more as a coaster.

Hsin Lin used wood and cork to create the separate bases. These materials insulate the heat from the bottoms of the mugs and catch any drips that might find their way down. The particularly smart treatment to these coasters, however, is the little slit cut into the side of each one. These allow the pads to be slotted easily over the handles of the Fin Teacups so that they can be stored and served as a pair.