Fin DAC Stencils Concubine Graffiti in a Creative and Unique Manner

 - May 27, 2011
References: flickr & unurth
It seems geisha-inspired graffiti is popping up everywhere, and this time, it's France's Fin DAC that's got people staring at walls in a hypnotic concubine-induced trance.

Adapting a very popular graffiti technique that's even employed by the infamous Banksy, Fin DAC places stencils on street walls and then spray-paints them layer upon layer until the completed work is revealed. Equally as impressive as the geisha figure herself is the silhouette landscape at the bottom of the mural, which adds distance and depth to the 2D art piece.

If you're ever in Brest, France, be sure to snap a few pictures of this sultry geisha as it may one day, just like with any graffiti piece, be covered over by some bland wall paint.