Pedro Fequiere Gives Famous Animated Films a Blaxploitation Redesign

 - Sep 20, 2015
References: buzzfeed & buzzfeed
These illustrations cleverly transform popular Disney animated films and transporting them into the Blaxploitation genre primarily geared towards urban black audiences before gaining world-wide popularity. The Blaxploitation genre often features dramatized storylines incorporating revenge-seeking plot lines with sultry characters. These film poster redesigns capture various Disney princesses as if they were starring in films from this time.

The illustrations add a much needed dose of ethnic diversity to the Disney princess cast and the title remakes are cleverly drawn with humorous titles. For example, The Little Mermaid receives an afro hair do complete with a trident covered in blood and the title, The Boss Mermaid. These illustrations cleverly add diversity in genre and casting to a perhaps limiting selection first made by the filmmakers.