This Company is Now Making Energy Bars Filled with Nut Butter

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: clifbar & foodnavigator-usa
'CLIF Bar' is set to expand its existing line of products with a new range of energy bars filled with nut butter. While there are a wide variety of energy bars on the market, the majority are made with finely blended ingredients that make it difficult for consumers to distinguish between ingredients. Now CLIF Bar is expanding the category with a specially designed product for endurance athletes and adventure-seekers.

The new CLIF Bar range consists of nutrient-dense, organic energy bars filled with nut butter. The base of the bar will be similar to existing CLIF Bar products, however the middle will contain a creamy, nut-butter filled core for a healthy source of fat. The bars are specifically designed for endurance athletes and those who required sustained energy over long distances.

With four different nut butter varieties to choose from, the new energy bars demonstrate the future of the functional foods category.