Photoshop Turns FIFA World Cup Goalie Saves into Dances

 - Jun 23, 2014
References: buzzfeed
Soccer nets are pretty sizeable, which means that a FIFA World Cup goalie has to do a lot of diving, jumping and other crazy moves to make those incredible saves. With the help of Photoshop, Buzzfeed transformed still images of soccer goalies making saves into guys who are breakdancing in World Cup kits, removed from the field and set up in urban areas with a cardboard mat and a boombox at their feet.

Surprisingly, the manipulated soccer stars make pretty convincing breakdancers, as their moves during a soccer game are required to be dynamic and involve a lot of kicking, arm motion, getting low to the ground and as captured in these photos, near headspins. If these soccer players ever need to get into another line of work, breakdancing may be a natural calling.