Fibrosity Proposes an Organic Approach to Architectural Algorithms

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: camnewnham & suckerpunchdaily
The imaginative mind behind the Fibrosity project belongs to Cam Newnham of Melbourne, Australia. The Master of Architecture student discusses the formal and functional shortcomings of infrastructural design that's born from applying existing or minimally adapted solutions to unique metropolitan problems.

Working to negotiate the overlapping networks of green space, highways and urban and suburban environments, the designer envisions exercising an agent-based algorithm that can respond organically to particular complex manmade settings. An intricate system of pedestrian bridges and sound-absorbing barriers is constructed from colorful threadlike structures that looks like tangled electrical wires from a distance. Each strand of Fibrosity takes deliberately unique bends and kinks. It weaves together with others in a way that establishes a supportive, effective and aesthetically pleasing web every inch along its length.