The Festo SmartInversion is Floating Artwork Fit for the Future

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: festo
A common staple that you'll notice at many large galas and conferences are large, eye-catching art installations that have been rented out and erected for patrons' viewing pleasures, but even after taking just one look at the Festo SmartInversion floating scultpure it's obvious that contemporary art is soaring into a new dimension.

The Festo SmartInversion is a structure that is named after the smooth folding movements that this lightweight sculpture makes mid-air. Pumped full of helium, the Festo SmartInversion literally folds in on itself with "rhymically pulsating movement," otherwise known as inversion. One of the great things about using a floating sculpture like this is that this hovering piece of artwork takes up no floor room and instead only uses the open and unoccupied airspace.

By using a mezmorizing scultpure like the SmartInversion, you can throw an amazing event on the ground while a rhythmic party rages on above.