Union Serves Its Leafy Green Salad Alongside a Fennel Stalk Sorbet

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: food.good.is & unionrestaurant.net
Union is a restaurant in Haverstraw, NY that found an unusual use for scrap fennel stalks. Rather than throwing the tough and hard-to-eat vegetable ends into a pot to be used for flavoring soup stock, Union’s Chef Bruce Kalman found an unconventional use for the fibrous vegetable.

Chef Bruce Kalman makes fennel stalks into a juice, which is combined with a simple syrup of sugar and lemon juice to make a sorbet. While the word "sorbet" might lead consumers to think that this dish would be served as a chilled dessert, Union serves its Fennel-Stalk Sorbet alongside an arugula, fennel and citrus salad.

In an attempt to reduce food waste, many creative chefs like Kalman are coming up with inventive ways to celebrate scraps that are typically tossed without thought into the trash.