This Fender Telecaster is Inspired By Vintage Pocketwatches

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: fendercustomshop & gizmag
The Fender Telecaster is one of the most celebrated electric guitars in music history and has been reimagined in various ways, a tradition that continues with the Master Repeater Tele -- a guitar that is given a luxurious look and feel inspired by 18th-century pocket watches.

Handcrafted by Custom Shop Master Builders for the 2016 Prestige Collection, this Fender Telecaster boasts as many as a thousand diamonds as well as 6 meters of 18-karat rose gold lining and an 8-karat sold gold Fender logo. The guitar's sound hole features a rosette similar to 18th century pocket watch movements.

Considering that the Fender Telecaster is considered a treasure unto itself by electric guitar players and enthusiasts, this luxurious reworking of the guitar adds further allure to an already enduring electric guitar icon.