Juan Carlos Pajares Created a Unique Collection for the Modern Man

Juan Carlos Pajares' Autumn 2015 collection focuses on feminized menswear by melding together two distinct styles. The collection anticipates the cold weather with a series of jackets, blazers and pants to keep men warm in the coming months. The most interesting aspect of the collection however is how Pajares marries 1920s menswear styles with modern womenswear.

Pajares achieves this distinct look by playing with conventionally masculine clothing silhouettes and slightly feminizing them. In adjusting shapes and sizes, Pajares updates classic menswear apparel with clean and simple designs. The perfect example that illustrates this style combination is the tailored jumpsuit -- the collection's standout piece.

The collection's color palette consists of blue, burgundy, white, brown and orange. The feminized menswear lookbook also features luxurious materials like wool and fur.