Felsineo, the Leading Italian Meat Brand is Launching 'Felsineo Veg'

 - Feb 2, 2018
References: felsineoveg & vegnews
Felsineo, Italy's leading mortadella meat brand, is now launching a new venture called 'Felsineo Veg' that introduces six plant-based vegan deli slices.

Rising demands for plant-based goods in different regions around the world have caused some brands that produce meat and animal products to see significantly reduced sales. As Felsineo president Andrea Raimondi notes: "It is an incontrovertible fact that the number of consumers choosing vegetarian and vegan [products] is growing."

With its vegan cold cuts, Felsineo Veg is introducing what it calls "Mopur," which is a combination of fermented flours and legumes. While Felsineo Veg's Lupins & Mopur product is touted as "the most savory" option, the Black Pepper & Mopur is identified as "the most fiery." In the collection of plant-based deli meats there is also a premium Truffle & Mopur product that targets the consumer of vegan luxury foods.

Image Credit: Felsineo Veg