Federico Uribe Crafts Humanoid Beings Using Writing Utensils

 - May 6, 2012
References: federicouribe & juxtapoz
They may not have the most lifelike resemblance to human beings, but these sculptures by Federico Uribe are still rather impressive when you consider his media of choice is pencils. Through careful arrangement and binding of writing utensils, the Miami-based artist crafts bizarre mannequins that are infinitely interesting to look at. His crutch of being unable to accurately replicate human faces actually works in his favor as it gives his creations character and a distinct look that’s unique to Uribe and him alone. One has to wonder how many pencil crayons go into making each sculpture.

It will fascinate some to find out Federico Uribe started out as a painter. By 1996, however, he abandoned brushes and was inspired to make art instead with everyday objects. He aptly points out that, although his work is classified as sculpting, he actually builds and weaves his creations.