The CBC Vote Compass Encourages You to Be More Active During the Election

 - Apr 4, 2011
References: cbc & cbc
With yet another federal election looming, and many of the same issues still on the table from the last voting period, it’s hardly surprising that Canadians aren’t all anxious to return to the polling stations. With this is mind, the CBC has devised a new educational tool to get Internet-savvy Canadians involved in the political process just in time for Election Day 2011: the Vote Compass.

The Vote Compass works by posing 30 questions on topics pertinent to issues that Canadians currently confront, like the occupation of Afghanistan, the environment and corporate tax policy in the wake of a global recession. The test then seeks your opinion of the main federal parties and their leaders. Based on your responses, the tool provides insight into which party best represents your views.

Of course, the results of the Vote Compass are not scientific, but the learning experience is worthwhile for Canadians who hope to engage themselves more actively in the upcoming federal election.