FDA Approves Lybrel

 - May 23, 2007   Updated: May 17 2011
References: comcast.net
A USA-based Pharmaceutical company called Wyeth, plans to begin marketing Lybrel, its period suppression pill, in July 2007. The product comes in packs of 28 pills and contains low doses of ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, two hormones that are commonly used in birth control pills. Side-effects in some women include unscheduled bleeding or spotting, which can last for a year while on the medication.

Implications - Lybrel was surprisingly approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The pill was made to terminate a woman's period for as long as she desired and therefore completely eliminate her chances of becoming pregnant. Since getting a period is a natural part of the body's process, you have to wonder if not ever getting it is actually safe?