'Fashion Portraits' by Achim Lippoth Show What the Future May Hold

Fashion Portraits by Achim Lippoth is a photo shoot that turns children into straight-up hipsters. The images are a little hard to get used to because the clothing and attitude of the models reflects that of a single-gear bike rider in their 20s, but their age is way too young for that sort of thing.

These kids have every hipster piece of clothing one can imagine. One little boy rocks his hair slicked back, a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up and leopard-print sunglasses; if that doesn't scream hipster, maybe the little girl with an across-the-forehead headband, mock afro and a jean jacket will.

The Fashion Portraits by Achim Lippoth were done for the 'EW Agency,' which is a London-based agency for illustrators and photographers.