Click Chic Exhibit

 - Jan 22, 2008
References: popphoto
Is photography art? Is fashion design art? The answers to these two may determine whether or not you think fashion photography could be considered fine art. It seems more people than not are agreeing it is an aesthetically appealing, awe inspiring form of creation.

Photographs initially intended for the pages of magazines are now making their way into art galleries and museums.

It wasn't always so, though, as fashion photography, along with nude images, were frowned upon. One famous photographer, George Platt Lynes, went so far as to destroy all his negatives before his 1955 death for fear his works would be looked at in disfavor.

"Now fashion photography can help a fine-art career, and vice versa," PopPhoto wrote. "In fact, an increasing number of gallery shows are coming from fashion sources. One prime example was the Click Chic exhibition organized this fall by Dan Halm."

Click Chic featured over 50 images from Roderick Angle, Guy Aroch, Maki Kawakita, Ryan Michael Kelly, Chiun-Kai Shih and Sarah Silver. Some of their works are featured in the gallery.

Check out the video from Fashion Television.