Top 15 Fashion Cities (Research)

 - Jul 15, 2008
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According to research by Global Language Monitor, Sydney, Dubai and Las Vegas are stepping up as top global fashion centers. Move over New York, Paris, Milan, Rome and London!

GLM tracks word usage on the web. By studying usage, they have determined that Fashion and Sydney and Dubai are coming into the fashion world. Tokyo remained tops for the Asian fashion mavens at #10, but slipping - being challenged by Hong Kong.

GLM noted, "Our yearly rankings clearly reinforce recent trends: the Big Five (New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, and London), far and away dominate the world of fashion, especially in the eyes of the print and electronic media, as well as on the Internet," said Millie Lorenzo Payack, a director at the Global Language Monitor. "At the same time, the second tier of the cities in the world fashion rankings are coming on strong. And, by the way, money spent on media outreach can, indeed, make a difference; witness Dubai."

Top 15 Fashion Cities:

1 New York
2 Rome
3 Paris
4 London
5 Milan
6 Tokyo
7 Los Angeles
8 Hong Kong
9 Las Vegas
10 Singapore
11 Berlin
12 Sydney
13 Barcelona
14 Shanghai
15 Melbourne