The A & V Book-Bags Will Inspire Fashionistas to Pick Up a Book

 - Feb 21, 2012
Book-Bags are an artistic fashion experiment by design team A&V, which consists of Lithuanian designer duet Aleksandras Pogrebnojus and Vida Simanavičiūtė. Perfectly handmade, the Book-Bags boast the various world-famous literary toms of Pushkin, Sartre, Tolstoy, Chekhov, the Bible and other masterpieces, which bring something highly intellectual and totally different to fashion.

By implementing intellectual fashion pieces into personal style, one can boast their knowledge of history and cultural contexts. Interpretations and choices are endless in fashion; however, you can carry something timeless on your arm with the Book-Bags. Wear your bookworm pride literally on your sleeve like a badge of honor with this bag and let it be known that you are one of taste, intellect and culture.