Fascinate by Sally Hogshead Teaches Brands How to Be Irresistible

 - Apr 25, 2016
References: brandfascination & amazon
Fascination is the most intense state of focus. When you fascinate someone, they can’t stop thinking about you and your message. They’re almost obsessed. Make your brand fascinating, and people will buy it, evangelize about it, and pay up to 400% more for it. Once you know the patterns of persuasion, you can harness this force of attraction, to make your brand impossible to resist. The revised and updated 'Fascinate' by Sally Hogshead is a must-read marketing book for 2016.

Hundreds of thousands of people took The Fascination Advantage Assessment in order to reveal their personal Advantage, an archetype that reveals the unique way that the world finds them captivating. After studying the science of fascination and using this research to inform her first book, Hogshead is back with a revised and updated version of Fascinate that reveals a step-by-step system that teaches any brand how to become irresistible to consumers, with or without a generous marketing budget.

Inside the pages of Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist, readers will find an introduction to the "black magic or marketing," dive deep into the seven ways to fascinate, learn how to craft stronger brand messages and identify ways to stand out from competition. This updated edition contains more than 100 new stories and case studies on becoming fascinating to anyone.

Award-winning consultant, speaker and author Hogshead says: "This book is a branding hack – giving you a blueprint to smarter ideas in a shorter timeframe." Order a copy of Fascinate here and be prepared to see your products, businesses and ideas transformed.