'Farewill' Lets Users Write Legally Binding Wills Quickly and Simply

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: farewill & producthunt
People are generally intimidated by legal documents, with wills (and their statuses as memento mori) causing even more existential dread, so Farewill has cropped up to make will-writing easier and less expensive. After all, no matter how avidly one wants to avoid thinking about their will, the document is essential for when one's time ultimately comes.

Farewill lets users write legally binding wills in as little as 12 minutes. That might seem short if one is imagining a lengthy legal tome, but wills are actually relatively simple documents as far as legal text goes, requiring little more than some boilerplate text and any minor additions that the writer sees fit (things like gifts for loved ones, etc.)

Farewill is currently only available for users living in England or Wales, though the service hopes to expand to other jurisdictions in the future.