The False Memory Archive Asks Us: Have We Been Living a Lie?

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: falsememoryarchive & dazeddigital
A.R. Hopwood has curated a collection of photographs, video, and accounts of false memories for his exhibit The False Memory Archive at the Freud Museum. In other words, this exhibit is a collection of memories that people have that didn’t actually happen. The memories are either distorted or completely made up; either way, they’re enthralling.

For instance, Hopwood recounts thoroughly enjoying weekends with his father as a child while his mother informs him that he hated going. Another memory Hopwood had involved a car crash with his father; however, it turns out that he wasn’t actually there. He had just heard about it so much, his mind created a memory to go along with story.

The False Memory Archive delves into a fascinating neurological phenomenon that colors our identity, life experience, and perception. Of the collection, Hopwood states, "I like the fact that you have a representation of someone that is based purely on a ‘non-memory,’ on something that didn’t actually happen." People can contribute to this false-memory bank online through the projects website.