The Fallout Monopoly Board is the Ultimate Geeky Gift

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: news.cnet & technabob
Reddit user XsimonbelmontX (real name Brandon) recently created what could be the most detailed Fallout Monopoly board ever. The Redditor made the board as a gift for his wife. He started by painting over a regular Monopoly board, giving it a Fallout-inspired color scheme. After the paint job was complete, Brandon set about completely customizing every aspect of the game.

The pieces of the game were replaced with ones from the Fallout game series, including Liberty Prime and bottles of Nuka Cola. The chance and community chest cards were replaced with Vault-Tec cards. These cards add an action element to the game and consist of either attack, heal and other gameplay actions. Finally, and perhaps most amazingly, the currency of the game has been replaced with bottle caps.