The Fake Vintage Japanese Ad Characters Poke Fun at Brands

 - May 5, 2011
References: lebureau & culturepopped.blogspot
Illustrator Juan Molinet has created a unique series called 'Fake Vintage Japanese Ad Characters.'

The series focuses on playfully mocking the Japanese advertisement characters that are outrageously funny. Juan Molinet's series is extremely cute with its mascot-like designs. From Kyoto Seafood Inc.'s headless fish to Sumitomo Calamari Ice Cream's squid on a stick, the pictures in the illustrated series display Juan Molinet's understanding of different Japanese brand mascots. My absolute favorite illustration though, would be the mascot for Cheesus Good Cheese Co., which is a triangle of swiss cheese that is bearded and resembles a hole-y figure.

Molinet created the Fake Vintage Japanese Ad Characters, according to him, "just for the fun of it." The illustrations are witty and extremely realistic.