Facebook's Mood Manipulator Allows You to Screen for Selfies

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: lauren-mccarthy & oystermag
Artist Lauren McCarthy's Facebook Mood Manipulator is an ingenious Chrome browser extension that allows you to filter your feed according to your ever-changing mood.

Social media can be tough to navigate because we all have different things we'd like to get out of it. Some people want to vent (ie. constant traffic updates littered with expletives) where others put up countless pictures of their kids, hoping for likes an adoration. The same can be said for people who put up countless selfies. Unfortunately, these things can get super annoying, super quickly -- especially if you're not in the mood. In her own words, McCarthy explains, "Why should Zuckerberg get to decide how you feel? Take back control. Leverage Facebook's own research to manipulate your emotions on your terms."

The extension works very simply: you can decide to filter your newsfeed content based on four different moods (positive, emotional, aggressive or open). The mood manipulator then decides what food pictures don't make the cut, and which funny links grace your screen.