MIT Develops Microchip for the Eye, Helps People to See

 - Sep 25, 2009   Updated: Jul 6 2011
References: newlaunches & gizmodo
MIT researchers are developing an eyeball microchip that adheres to an eye to revive sight. The device could begin human trials within the next few years.

The eyeball microchip, which could theoretically allow blind people to see, is made to be placed on the outside of the eye and would help people who are visually impaired navigate around walls, recognize a face and just make normal tasks easier.

Implications - Technological innovations have greatly helped the medical world to continuously advance, and consumers are becoming more medically savvy as a result of products like these eyeball computer chips. All industries can benefit by staying up to date with all of the latest technological innovations and finding ways to incorporate both technical as well as medical details into their product designs.