Extruded Vase by Quan Zhou has the Aesthetic Complexity of Anatomy

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
In whatever way one might understand it, art serves as an intriguing mirror to nature. By this theory, the Extruded Vase by Quan Zhou seems to acquire inspiration from some of life's more elaborate forms.

The eccentric ceramic stemholder comprises of a large capsular chamber for a base from which four bending tubes extend. Each of the odd arterial appendages has an organically unique shape concerning its length, width and curvature, providing a variety of places to insert individual flowers and small bouquets of different sizes.

Made by coil and other impressive sculpting techniques, the Extruded Vase by Quan Zhou commands much attention from its extraordinary form. It looks to balance precariously from its rounded foundation, thrusting forth outlandish protuberances potentially more fascinating than the arrangements they hold.