Flowervases by Martin Klimas is Captured Using High-Speed Photography

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: mymodernmet & mymodernmet
Capturing exploding vases using high-speed photography is much more exciting than one would first expect. There is a sense of suspended suspense as well as a ton of violent details that make browsing through such a series very entertaining. Not to mention that there is something slightly cathartic about looking at exploding vases. It is one of the first things to go in dramatic fights, after all.

Shot by photographer Martin Klimas, the exploding vases is a follow up to his original series, Rapid Bloom, which captured the actual flowers in a state of destruction. Dubbed Flowervases, the exploding vases capture "the simultaneous presence of two distinct states and the improbable serenity of the pictures are positively spellbinding," writes Klimas.