This Expletive Supercut Captures Samuel L. Jackson's Finest Moments

 - Jul 31, 2014
References: youtube & jezebel
This expletive supercut video compiles every "motherf*cker" that Samuel L. Jackson has ever spoken on film.

Motherf*cker is one of those words that rolls off the tongue and lands with a punch. When you're angry, there's nothing quite like a perfectly-timed F-bomb (and the accompanying adrenaline rush is usually worth the consequences). But if you think saying the word is satisfying, then listening to Samuel L. Jackson saying it is practically euphoric.

Tune into Jackson saying his favorite word with the utmost conviction in this brilliant supercut. If you were curious about the stats, 'Jackie Brown' comes in the lead with a whopping 37 motherf*ckers, while Pulp Fiction trails close behind with an equally-as-impressive 24 motherf*ckers dropped throughout the film.