Evoking Curiosity by Placing Strange Objects 'In A Public Space'

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: inapublicspace
‘In A Public Space’ is my new web hero. The premise is to basically leave things in public spaces to provoke reactions. Photographs of these pieces of ‘art’ are then taken and uploaded onto the site. The site is still fairly new, but is growing and such a clever idea that it is bound to take off... at least I hope so.

The relationship between where the objects are left and what they are is simply really darn clever, and the art and creativity behind each project is amazing.

Drawing pins on a toilet seat, a megaphone in a library, monopoly money on a public washing machine… these are just some of the things featured. There is a Lego man on a toilet in a toilet, and rather brilliantly, an empty bottle of JD was photographed in a hospital waiting room, and an air crash book in a waiting room. Now that last one would freak me out!