Quenching Thirst Or Libido?

 - Aug 12, 2007
References: evian
You only want the best in your body, right? That's what Evian would assume, too. Perhaps it's just my own perverse mind, or maybe Evian really is giving their marketing a sexual spin. Canadian Fashion magazine, FLARE, featured an ad for the bottled water company with a gorgeous, bronzed, shirtless man looking pensively into the distance, his muscles rippling as he lounged in front of the French Alps. His Evian at his side, I began wondering what the ad was trying to convey. Studying the picture, it didn't take long for me to answer my own question: why would they use a handsome young man to sell h20 to women?

The answer was obvious as I re-read their slogan:

"The most important body of water is your own. Fill with care."

Now, ladies, wouldn't you love to fill your body with the best? I don't know if the ad agency just wanted to remind you that Evian supplied the best to hydrate our bodies, but I know there's a lot of women who wouldn't mind filling their bods with everything this ad had to feature!