From Libido-Boosting Beverages to Measuring Libido by Hand

 - Nov 15, 2009   Updated: Jul 14 2011
Ahhh the libido, the number one cause for conception and comedic chaos. The driving force behind every teen comedy ever made, and one of the only thing that keeps humans getting out of bed in the morning.

This cluster highlights 11 libido stimulating finds that will get you hot, and a little bothered. From libido-boosting beverages to measuring libido by hand, check out all of the libido stimulators we could find.

Implications - No longer a taboo topic, sex is becoming a popular way to attract more consumers. Shoppers in modern society are looking for items that contain some sort of element that relates to improving sexual activity. Companies trying to attract more customers could focus on this desire for more items pertaining to a better sex life.