Finger Length Ratio Tells All, Study

 - Nov 8, 2007
Is your ring finger smaller than your index finger? Yeah? Let me guess - you're either a women, or very close to it. Am I right? According to Prof. John Manning, I should be.

As we all know, our body produces hormones. Males primarily produce testosterone and females oestrogen. Manning says the ratio of hormones in your body can be derived from the ratio of your index finger length to your ring finger length; i.e. be your ring finger much bigger than your index finger, you're bound to be a walking testosterone bomb, or vice versa, a really horny sex devil that can't wait to get pregnant.

However, if, for example, you're an unlucky woman with a humongous ring finger and a tiny index finger, your genitalia could look a little more like mine. Considering the former, more pleasant thought, you're also statistically bound to have a good sexlife, because you're likely to be (or appear) more attractive than the average-finger-lengthed person. Go you!

However, irrespective of your finger length ratio, you still might find yourself going crazy for sex if you have a certain variation of this little Geneâ€"DRD4. This fellow contributes significantly to your body's dopamine production; and, as we all know, dopamine makes us reeaaally happy! And if you're lucky enough to have a special type of this gene, you're dopamine production will go crazy every time you get it going, i.e. sex will make you reeeaaaly happy.

Now, before you go mad thinking that you might be genetically doomed to die a virgin, keep in mind that your social experiences are just as important for your sex-stats.

My food for thought: HAHA, my ring finger/index finger ratio is bigger than yours!