The Eva Wet Waste Shredder Helps You Dispose of Scraps Resourcefully

 - Dec 5, 2011
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Some city folk without the means or facilities to participate in composting have found convenience in the garberator beneath their kitchen sinks. Unfortunately, the use of such an appliance is exceedingly wasteful, through the discarding of energy-rich foods and the squandering of water to keep the unit working properly.

The Eva Wet Waste Shredder is an eco-friendly alternative to maintaining the practice of macerating scraps after meals. The stand-alone receptacle emerges from the darkness of the cupboard beneath the basin and frees up your drain and pipes from sludgy waste. To use it, you place your unwanted edibles under the cap of the countertop garbage bin, and with a little water brought in through a pipe, the Eva Wet Waste Shredder by Vishal Agale releases rich biogas for your use along with the slurry for disposal.