Faking Green To Boost Your Popularity

 - Aug 26, 2007
References: marieclaire
A survey recently conducted in the UK is saying that people are lying to appear more eco-friendly. I can see the need to lie about the size of your penis, but faking the amount of electicity you use, or incresing your recycling heap is the craziest thing I've heard today.

I blame the celebrities. If wasn't for stars like Leonardo DiCaprio with his new documentary "The 11th Hour" or Brad Pitt in his hybrid car or Matt Damon and his H20 Africa Foundation, which gathers support and distributes funds for clean water projects in critical areas then people would continue to be ignorant on how to save the planet. So maybe lying is a step in the right direction maybe the 9 out of 10 people will get off their lazy butts and actually go green.

Now I better turn off this computer so I can save money on my next energy bill.