Eugenia Loli’s Photographic Creations are Mystical Mashups

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: cargocollective & lostateminor
Using a striking and vibrant medley of images, artist Eugenia Loli has managed to create a series of visually arresting fantasy photo collages. Each piece in her series features an exotic landscape, whether it’s a foreign city, a tropical beach, or even outer space. Superimposed onto these images are closeups of faces whose photographic qualities greatly contrast that of their backgrounds.

One particularly memorable photograph in Loli’s series shows a vast black background with a gigantic planet giving it an otherworldly quality. Against this backdrop is the head of a gigantic woman, almost as big as the planet. She’s lying down, and her eyes stare out at the viewer with a sanguine air. The faces used in Loli’s photographs all channel a vintage vibe that juxtaposes the futuristic quality of their backgrounds. In this way, Loli has created a mellifluous series that blends both future and past in a way that is fresh and exciting.