The ‘Etch Maps’ Visualize Your Urban Story and Experienc

 - Jun 12, 2013
Using Foursquare check-in data, ‘Etch Maps’ charts out your life story. Etch visualizes your everyday life by aggregating your Foursquare data and prints it on a map of your city. As a result, you get a completely personalized map based on your urban exploration.

Currently, the maps are only available for the metropolises of Manhattan, Portland and San Francisco. If you live in one of these cities, Etch will visualize your experiences and place them on a high quality city map. According to product descriptions, the maps are printed on "archival heavyweight fine art" that are oil and smudge proof so that you can hang it up as is.

The Etch project was founded by entrepreneurs Jeremy Weikel and Michael Yap. The duo created the firm in order to extract value from personal data while presenting it in a beautiful form.