This ESPN HD Campaign Captures Off-the-Clock Moments

 - Apr 7, 2011
References: grey & adsoftheworld
The reason people opt for bigger TVs with high definition is so that they can see more, and this ESPN HD campaign gives customers the assurance they they truly "won't miss a thing."

The Grey Group advertising agency in Singapore produced these prints, and they're bound to succeed based on humor and relatability. Society reveres its sports stars, recognizing them as superior specimens of the human race, so the idea of seeing such celebrities engaging in mundane activities is quite compelling to many.

One ad shows a soccer player painstakingly cutting tufts of grey hair from his coif, while a female tennis player desperately tries to cover a pimple on her bottom. Promising an inclusive viewing experience of one's favorite competitive games, the ESPN HD campaign even finds these formidable athletes' flaws.