Heathrow Airport Opens World's First E-Smoking Lounge

 - Dec 22, 2013
References: abcnews.go & luxurylaunches
London's Heathrow Airport is set to open the world's first e-smoking lounge for those who use electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes produce water vapor when puffed unlike their non-electronic counterparts which release smoke when consumed. It is with this in mind that airport officials in London opened the world's first electronic cigarette smoking lounge last week so that electronic cigarette smokers were not forced to stem their cravings by having to go outside.

The e-smoking lounge was opened by the electronic cigarette manufacturer Gamucci and is a move that seems to be supported by most travelers.

The electronic cigarette market will approach 2 billion dollars and with electronic smoking becoming bigger and bigger, more accommodations will most likely be made in order to supports peoples habits of trying to quit smoking.