This Richard Mille Tourbillon Watch Forms Suggestive Notes

This Richard Mille Tourbillon watch, appropriately called the RM 69 Erotic, delivers naughty messages all day long for watch wearers who want an extra pick-me-up when they check the time.

The Richard Mille Tourbillon timepiece features three spinning titanium bands engraved with parts of flirtatious phrases. When the bands spin, they form a new sentence, so every time the wearer looks down at their wrist, they have a romantic message waiting for them. So the Erotic Tourbillon is essentially the lovechild of a Magic 8 Ball and those sugary Valentine candy hearts. Some favorite sentences include "Let me kiss you tonight" and "I want to caress you madly."

Though outwardly a stylish timepiece, the Richard Mille Tourbillon watch is one accessory that might not be safe to wear in the workplace.