Garth Knight's Erotic Series Gets to the Root of Human Existence

 - Feb 17, 2014
References: garthknight & beautifuldecay
This mesmerizing, erotic series of photography by Sydney-based artist and photographer Garth Knight is pulsing with twisted sexual energy.

The erotic series is designed to revolve around six suspended trees, which are actually all made out of rocks and ropes. Known for almost always using erotic elements in his art, Knight's new series uses these erotic elements such as rope and bondage to artistically portray his ideas about strength, pleasure and sexuality.

The series is interesting because it uses multi-dicipilnary methods such as installations, photography and sculpture to tell the story of the series. In this series each tree is intertwined with one or two naked bodies, which when looked at in a certain linear way will create a narrative.

According to the artist, this narrative takes us through the journey of human existence using stunning and sensual imagery.