Erin M. Riley Turns Obscure Pictures into Tapestries

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: erinmriley & thisiscolossal
Erin M. Riley is a unique artist who gets her inspiration from the wonders of the web. Hailing from Philadelphia, Riley is skilled in weaving tapestries; however, her artworks are very nontraditional to say the least.

To come up with wacky tapestry designs, Erin M. Riley starts off by searching the web intensely for pictures to use as her base. When searching, Riley will use terms like "upskirt" or "drunk girl puking" to find the right image.

Riley is able to turn what are rather embarrassing photos into awesome artworks. Her tapestries include random drunk photos, lovemaking sessions and some pictures that definitely should not have made it onto the web. If you have an embarrassing photo floating around on the web, chances are Erin M. Riley will turn it into a tapestry.