Adventurist Erik Roner Tests Out the Mary Poppins' Mode of Transportation

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: dvice
Inspired by Mary Poppins' choice mode of transportation, adventurist Erik Roner decided to test it out by conducting a daring and fun umbrella skydive. Although it doesn't appear as though Mary Poppins ever dropped down from the sky but rather floated along serenely, the idea is still there.

Using what appears to be a very sturdy umbrella, Erik Roner, who was flown a thousands of feet into the sky by a hot air balloon, jumps off for what ends up being a relatively short ride. In a matter of moments, the umbrella's material is ripped away by high velocity winds. Thankfully, it was equipped with its own parachute. Conducted to see if an umbrella would slow down a skydiver's descent, Erik Roner claims it did to a certain extent.