Eric Penser Bankaktiebolag Makes Maps from Money

 - May 13, 2012
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Most people are accustomed to maps and where each country is located, but Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag creates a map with different objects.

Bankaktiebolag uses approximately 3,000 coins to create a world map. Instead of using linear indicators to illustrate dividing international borders, the artist uses the coins to show different regions. Each continent is built from each countries own currency. Europe is built with the Euro whereas Canada and the United States are constructed using coins from the dollar.

The color variations contrast with each countries' coins. It's visible from the map that in North America, Africa and parts of the Middle East the use of copper coins is higher than other nations. Some nations are not as fortunate to show up on the Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag maps because the nation is just too small.