Your Go-To Channel for Aging, Death and Demise

 - Jul 24, 2007   Updated: Apr 27 2011
References: technovelgy & telegraph
800,000 people died in Germany last year, so sensing a marketing opportunity a savvy producer is launching a TV channel dedicated to aging, death and dying, 24/7. If the Grim Reaper is knocking at your door or you're just into bereavement and fatality, look no further and learn some German.

Implications - The death-and-dying channel that is also available on the Internet will feature documentaries about graveyards, obituaries and tips on how to find a retirement home. Surprisingly, this project cost a whopping €10 million and was headed by 51-year-old Wolf Tilmann Schneider. Some of the other shows will include information on insurance scams, undertakers and nursing services. Companies that cater towards the elderly will be asked to fund the programs.