Eo and Eam are Storage Systems Inspired by Male and Female Bodies

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: material-lust
In a way, the coat rack becomes a substitute person that wears your jacket when you're indoors. The Eo and Eam serve to demonstrate this idea through designs that emulate the appearance of the human body. The Material Lust Lab has created a pair of contemporary standing storage systems that are intended to represent the physiological stereotypes of the ideal man and the ideal woman.

The male version is composed of blackened steel rods with flat sides that outline the T shape of broad shoulders. A smaller segment indicates the definition of abdominal muscles and an upturned protrusion denotes the groin. The female model is made from rounded tubular steel that's been bent to suggest the form of full breasts. The Eo and Eam coatracks prove to be practical anthropomorphic additions to your foyer.