Entropia by Andrea Santarossa Channels the Heat and Energy of Expulsions

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: andreasantarossa
There's the hand sneeze, the tissue sneeze, the sleeve sneeze and now the introduction of Entropia by Andrea Santarossa. The peculiar object has been specifically designed to capture the involuntary outbursts of your nose and mouth, provided you've been keeping it at hand.

Made in collaboration with Federico Ghignoni and Giulia Mior, the bizarre item has been sculpted into an unusual shape of rubber silicone, relatively stiff and yet formally mimicking certain mucous-like properties. It narrows into a bit of a flue and can be connected to one of several different attachments.

A bamboo tube and a pipe can extend the length of Entropia by Andrea Santarossa, trapping the heat and moisture of your sneeze and directing it down a narrow path.